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Expanding Engagement and Inspiring Action with Your Next Project

Managing People Across Diverse Project Teams

Expanding Engagement and Inspiring ActionProject managers (PMs) know that involving and aligning teams early on in a project will increase engagement and inspire action, which in turn will help increase acceptance of the changes brought about by the completion of a project. That acceptance is essential to realising the benefits envisioned when the project is greenlighted. Further, PMs realise that successful change management can be one of the most difficult components of a project's success to influence. So, how do PMs accomplish it?

Expanding Engagement and Inspiring Action with Your Next Project discusses:

  • The three types of project-based work, with examples of each type
  • Leading without authority, and managing diverse project teams from the middle of the organisation
  • Tips for overcoming resistance and driving change in projects and project-based work

Leading change from the middle is an approach that equips project, programme and portfolio managers with the skills, tools and techniques that reflect the complexity of rolling out these projects while accounting for inevitable change. After all, project professionals are the ones working on the day-today tasks that lead to the change itself.

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