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Optimising Project Performance: Identifying and Filling Your Skill Gaps

Project Leadership Training to Retain Talent and Improve Performance

Optimizing Project PerformanceSkills gaps are the biggest barriers to project management office (PMO) success. Too often, project managers (PMs) who are well-trained in their PMO’s processes, templates and tools still deliver under-performing projects, or demonstrate only minimal improvement project-over-project. The best processes cannot overcome disappointing results if skills are weak.

Optimising Project Performance: Identifying and Filling Your Skill Gaps discusses:

  • How to diagnose skills gaps in your project management teams
  • Understanding the difference between tactical and strategic skills, and the impact they have on your projects
  • The steps to take to customise individual training and shore up the gaps in your team’s lineup

No PM is perfect, and everyone can benefit from continued project management education. Once you’ve found a skill gap, educate your PMs and allow them to practice their new skills in a project environment. The end goal is to create a culture of learning that promotes employee growth and development. At the same time, learning programmes tell employees that you’re willing to invest in them. That’s a vital tool for talent retention and, ultimately, business growth.

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