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The Cost of Tactical Project Management and Opportunity of Strategic Project Leadership

Specific Things the Best Project Leaders are Doing to Drive the Business

The Cost of a Tactical PMAchieving successful results demands that projects be tied to business strategy and goals, then delivered efficiently, effectively, and predictably. Consequently, project management is fast becoming a strategic focal point for operational excellence in many organisations. Many of today’s project managers are cross-functional, strategic assets, creating centers of excellence from first- or second-generation project management offices (PMOs). But the tactical and task-oriented detail of project management, while still critical to success, is far from the only skill set that project leaders need to have.

The Cost of Tactical Project Management and Opportunity of Strategic Project Leadership discusses:

  • The limitations of tactical project management and the opportunities presented by taking a more strategic approach
  • Tips for making the move from tactical to strategic, through skills development and organisational alignment 
  • Specific things that project leaders are doing to move the business — and themselves — ahead

Project management professionals and their practices are being stretched and tested. Project managers are raising their technical skills, building their business acumen and soft-skill repertoires, and broadening their range of experience to better serve the business and grow the PMO.

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