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How to Create an Organisation Focused on Predictably and Repeatedly

Can You Rely on Your Team to Consistently and Predictably Deliver Against Your Strategy?

How to Create an Organization Focused on Predictability and RepeatabilityIf you’re a line of business lead, you’re probably responsible for a variety of major initiatives to help support your company’s business. And, while you may be concerned with delivering those initiatives on-time and on-budget, a much greater worry should be whether or not they actually align to your organisation’s strategic objectives. While it is always important to keep an eye on key performance indicators (KPIs) that pertain to timing, cost, and scope, you should also focus on getting better at executing projects and initiatives that support your strategy.

How to Create an Organisation Focused on Predictably and Repeatedly Executing Against Your Corporate Strategy discusses:

  • Reconciling on-time and on-budget with the delivery of output that supports your corporate strategy and goals
  • Developing the skills in your team to reliably and predictably execute against strategy
  • The importance of creating a culture that supports strategy execution through communication and personal responsibility

Being able to reliably and predictably execute against your strategy is a vital business need that can be addressed by making sure your people have the skills they need to succeed in a project or initiative-based environment.

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