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The Business Analyst Catalyst: The Role of the BA in Today's Business World

Business Analysts: Maximize Your Impact to Your Organization

BA Catalyst An effective organizational strategy should harden the intention behind mission and vision into goals that define the future direction—a direction that must reflect clear context, defined boundaries, and precise capabilities in order for programs and projects to reach intended targets with optimal success.

Without professional business analysis as the catalyst between dreams and reality, projects become exploratory initiatives burdened with avoidable cost, delay, and risk of failure. This webinar will define a concept labeled “the enterprise triple constraint” – the integration of strategy, analysis, and implementation – to demonstrate how the successful development and implementation of strategy requires a true partnership between executives who define strategy and the business analysts, program and project managers who execute against it.

Watch The Business Analyst Catalyst to learn:

  • How business analysts can leverage their role as the custodians and implementers of strategy
  • The concept of “the enterprise triple constraint,” and understand how integrating its three pillars of strategy, analysis, and implementation optimizes organizational success
  • How to communicate and apply practical techniques that maximize the business analysts’ impact on their organization

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