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Course Overview Webinar: Defining Business Needs and Solution Scope

A Dive Into Strategy Execution’s Business Analysis Curriculum

PRWebinar_BusinessNeedsandSolutionsScopeBefore an organisation can begin to solve a challenge or implement a change, there must be a clearly defined desired outcome. What is this project intended to do and why are we doing it? The tools at the centre of business analysis aid in identifying scope and requirements, weighing risks and resources, and estimating cost and time. This skill contribution allows an executive to make informed decisions about project investments with a more comprehensive understanding.

In this webinar, Bruce Hart, a Strategy Execution Senior Instructor, explains the core concepts of Defining Business Needs and Solution Scope and explores how they apply to your environment.

Access this webinar now to dive deeper into the course structure, key concepts, and business analysis techniques used to:

  • Gain transparency into business issues and opportunities, and the extent enablers are in place
  • Assess how needs can be addressed through multi-dimensional solutions
  • Prioritise the highest priority options by quantifying their potential
  • Keep solutions moving in alignment with senior management's strategic direction

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