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Course Overview Webinar: Fundamentals of DevOps

A Dive Into Strategy Execution’s Lean and Agile Curriculum


In today’s market, customer demands grow greater and greater, uncertainty is everywhere, and technology changes at chronic speeds. To bring efficiency to the chaos, development and operations teams began working together in a practice called "DevOps." While development and operations are often in conflict, there are many opportunities to cooperate and learn from each other to address technical debt, increase performance, and minimise waste to speed the delivery of value to customers.

In this webinar, Alan Zucker, Project Management Essential’s Founding Principal, explains the core concepts found in Strategy Execution’s course, Fundamentals of DevOps, and provides new ways of thinking about how development and operations can work better together to deliver value to customers more quickly.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Explore Fundamentals of DevOps and the Strategy Execution Lean and Agile Curriculum
  • Evaluate Business Challenges and Determine Why DevOps is Revolutionary
  • Learn to distinguish and define the components of the DevOps life cycle

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