Webinar: How to Grow Your Influence in a Complex, Networked World

Your Project Success Depends on Your Ability to Influence

How to Grow Your Influence Cover

In our modern, people-centric environment, work doesn’t get accomplished through authority, it gets done through influence. Influence is not simply the product of personal charisma or charm, but instead, a skill that can be learned. Whether you’re a rising senior executive or front-end project manager, understanding what influence is and how to use it effectively is critical to success.

This webinar, How to Grow Your Influence in a Complex, Networked World, discusses how leaders can establish credibility, build trust, and effectively influence stakeholders, even if they lack the formal authority to make demands on resources.

In this webinar, Dr. Ed Barrows of Duke Corporate Education unpacks:

  • What influence is
  • What makes some people more influential than others
  • The behaviour that drives influential people
  • How to practice these principles for immediate effect

By the end of the hour, you will better understand the core principles and practices of leaders who know how to get work done through influence and persuasion—whether managing up, down, across, or diagonally—within organisations.  

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