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Curriculum Overview Webinar: The Strategic Potential of Lean and Agile

A Dive Into Strategy Execution’s Lean and Agile Curriculum

PRWebinar_StrategicPotentialofLeanandAgileWhile Lean and Agile may have been first applied by organisations in the IT and manufacturing space, the reality is that these methods of operation have burst onto the mainstream business scene and are here to stay. Before investing the time and resources into adopting Lean and Agile into your business, it’s important to develop a strong foundation of what it is and how it works. The value provided by Lean and Agile is realised from the approach used to leverage and integrate these philosophies and techniques within a business, and not from simply introducing a new framework.

In this webinar, Michael Jebber, Strategy Execution’s Director, Lean and Agile, explains the core concepts of Strategy Execution’s Lean and Agile Curriculum and explores how they apply to your environment.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn about Strategy Execution’s Lean and Agile training, focused on a blended approach that builds practical skills while also emphasising an adaptive and innovative mindset
  • Discover how we help companies create their transformational journey by building core competencies within individuals, teams, and across the organisation
  • Identify the Agile project management methods that can yield faster time-to-market, lower project costs, and reduced product defects

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