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How to Leverage Project Professionals to Drive Strategy Execution Success

Are You Sure Your Team Understands the Strategy You Want Them to Execute?

WebinarYouve Made the StratCTAWhen executives set the strategy for the organisation, there is usually a sense of: "We got this. We understand our business and what needs to happen." While executives have high confidence that the organisational strategy is understood, the reality is that several layers down, it often remains unclear. Project professionals are uniquely positioned to play a more strategic role in the organisation, but when executives overlook their value and fail to ensure the strategy is well understood at the project level, the organisation may not be able to achieve its desired outcomes.

How to Leverage Project Professionals to Drive Strategy Execution Success discusses:

  • Understanding the missing links to strategy execution success
  • Uncovering opportunities to engage project professionals earlier in the strategy development process
  • How your communication strategies can impact the understanding of strategy
  • How to align people, processes and tools with the strategy

Jeff Colvin, our VP of Instructor Development, explores opportunities to leverage project professionals across the organisations as double agents, from strategists to execution specialists. By involving project professionals earlier in the strategy process, the organisation can more effectively prioritise and identify the projects that are most important and will deliver strategic results. When project professionals understand the direct link between their contributions and the organisational strategy, they are more likely to have a higher desire to achieve strategic results and not just "get the work done."

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