Bridging the Gap: The Chasm That's Killing Your Company

Do Your Projects Align with Corporate Strategy?

Bridging the Gap 1Many executives are concerned about their company's strategies and their ability to execute them. Most say their company isn't focused on executing their strategies and only a fraction rate themselves as excellent at execution. While there are many external and internal forces at play, the culprit, more often than not, is the lack of alignment at some or multiple levels within the organisation.

Download Bridging the Gap: The Chasm That's Killing Your Company, as it discusses:

  • Keys to determining if your organisation is aligning the work they are doing with corporate goals and strategy
  • The skills bridge which is designed to bring project-based work in line with corporate strategy
  • The skills your team needs in order to cross the chasm better execute and get more work done

A company's leadership typically drives strategy making, but the disconnect between strategy making and strategy execution continues to plague leaders across all industries and markets and impede success. Also, what many leaders don't recognise is that their workforce is their greatest resource. Cultivating a workforce with a healthy balance of technical and relational skills will begin to close the gap between strategy making and execution.

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